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Protools HDX 12 (studio A)

Protools HD native 12 (studio B)

Abelton Live 9




Avid D-Command 24

Chandler LtD Mini Mixer

API 8200


Shadow Hills Mastering compressor

Inward Connection Vac Rack

Universal Audio 1176 (X2)

Empirical labs Fatso

Empirical labs distressors (X2)

SSL custom Punchin' Ball compressor

Tube Tech stereo multiband mastering compressor

Waves Maxx BCL


Manley Massive Passive mastering EQ

Orban stereo EQ


Thermionic Culture Vulture standart

Thermionic Culture Vulture limited edition


Aurora Audio 1081 preamps (X8)

DW Fearn stereo tube preamp

Avalon 737

Joemeek channel strip

Tonelux MP1A with tilt EQ (X4)

Universal Audio 610 (X4)


Lexicon 300

Lexicon PCM 70

Lexicon LXP 15

TC M3000

TC M6000

Line 6 echofarm

Eventide H3000

Yamaha SPX 990




A large choice of Neumann (U87,103,SM 69,,,)AKG (414), Sennheiser (421,441,,,)

Shure, EV, AEA, Audio-Technica, Coles,,,




Yamaha U1 Upright Piano with Disklavier

Rippen Upright Piano

Yamaha CP70

Clavinet D6

Fender Rhodes MK1 88keys

Wurlitzer A200

Various synth's like Moog "little fatty", D50, JX8P,,,


Bassman head Black face

Klemt Ekolette

Marshall 1959 SLP

Marshall JCM 800

Meza Boogie Dual Rectifier

Orange OR50

Audio Kitchen Little Chopper

Audio Kitchen the Big Trees

Peavey Classic 50 212

Fender Champ Silver face

Ampeg SVT 400


there's also a great choice of guitars and fx incuding brands like

Gibson, Fender, Epiphone, Rickenbacker, Z-Vex, Boss, Hagstrom, Mxr, Maxon, Electro-Harmonix, Radial,,,,



















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